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Deck Engagement: Electric
Twin Touch Foot Pedals
Mower Deck Options:

42 Edge Mulch (107 cm / 42 in)

The X354 combines dependability, durability and power in every aspect of its construction, including a fully welded steel frame and a cast-iron front axle.

Operating the mower is a breeze, too, with an ergonomic operator station, quality headlights, and an infinite choice of ground speeds. And with 4 wheel steer excellent turning circle  

Easy to Own. Easy to Operate. Easy to Maintain. The X354 Lawn Tractor

Perfection taken to new heights.

Highly manoeuvrable and robust construction: X300 Series tractors boast both of these qualities and more!

An accurate cut down to the smallest blade.

Manoeuvrable even in the most confined areas. Extremely powerful engines with outstanding fuel efficiency. What about the cut? Pure precision. Every single blade of grass is perfectly cut leaving an immaculate finish.

For a great cut

You are looking for a perfectly even cut lawn. Depending on working conditions it is therefore necessary to level the mower deck. We have included a more flexible way to level the mower deck in the X300 and X500 series lawn tractors.

The direct access through the fender deck as well as the usage of a new tool lets you economize over 50% of the actual time you need to level the mower deck.

The innovative design of the 107-cm (42-in.) Edge Mulch Deck sets a high standard for mulching grass and leaves:

Removable gates for discharge of excess clippings

Adjustable for optimum performance in a wide variety of conditions

Operates smoothly in all conditions

Uses a standard V-belt and non-timed blades for reliability

An on-deck storage position is provided to store the material gates.

The underside of the mower deck is contoured and free of obstructions:

Ensures smooth flow of grass clippings

Minimizes grass buildup

Designed to mulch and return grass clippings

Minimizes fertilizer needs

Eliminates disposal hassle

Offset mower blades to permit blade overlap with the use of a standard V-belt drive

Ensures the blades cannot contact each other

Enables discharge of excess clippings, in heavy grass conditions, through two removable material gates at the rear of the deck

No discharge chute

Allows two-sided trimming

Smaller storage requirements

No tools required to open the gates

Provides two mower wheels for a uniform mowing job