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All the tools to control your ground

Key engine features include:

Three bag Power Flow collection system

The X590 combines dependability, durability and power in every aspect of its construction, including a fully welded steel frame and a cast-iron front axle.

Operating the mower is a breeze, too, with an ergonomic operator station, quality headlights, and an infinite choice of ground speeds.

Easy to Own. Easy to Operate. Easy to Maintain. The X590 Lawn Tractor

X500 Series

Hydraulic power steering is standard equipment:

The tractor is powered by a John Deere iTorque™ power system, a combination of engine features and an exclusive hood design that provide superior lugging ability, even cooling, and durability.


The 16.7 kW at 3350 rpm Fuel injected and electronically governed  V-twin engine has a large 726-cc displacement to provide plenty of power and torque for excellent performance in any operating condition.

Hydraulic Power 2-Wheel Steering Mower Deck Options::

122-cm (48-in.) Edge™ Xtra Deck cuts clean

122-cm (48-in.) Edge Xtra Deck

Underside of 122-cm (48-in.) mower, clear of obstructions

The 122-cm (48-in.) Edge Xtra Deck features a high-performance Power Flow blower:

The 48C high-performance Power Flow blower works well with either the standard mower blades or the mulching blades.

NEW Optional Mulch Control Kit