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All the tools to control your ground

The Tango E5 It’s easy to set mowing locations with days and times to suit your preferences and your lawn. TANGO is so quiet, you can use it on Sundays or even at night without disturbing anyone

From £1775 + VAT

“At John Deere, our goal is simple. We aim to provide you with the very best lawn tractors and walk behind mowers; mowers tailored to your garden and exact requirements. Tried and tested cutting-edge technology and the very same innovative developments that produced our large John Deere tractors have all been used to create the ultimate mowing experience. Our mowers put the pleasure back into gardening..”

John Deere X100 Range

The X135R and X155R lawn tractors are ideal for gardeners who want rear collection as standard. Packed with all the best qualities of the X100 Series machines, these powerful machines propel grass clippings efficiently into the high-capacity collector for a perfect cut every time.

From £2050 + VAT

John Deere X 3/5 Range

Perfection taken to new heights.

Highly manoeuvrable and robust construction: X300 Series tractors boast both of these qualities and more!

An accurate cut down to the smallest blade.

Manoeuvrable even in the most confined areas. Extremely powerful engines with outstanding fuel efficiency.  

From £3883 + VAT

John Deere Collector Mowers

Experience the Perfect Cut- A Quality Investment. John Deere Select Series walk-behind lawn mowers ensure a perfect cut every time.

From £325 + VAT

John Deere Mulch Mowers

With our dedicated mulching mowers, you'll wonder if it's magic or just mulching. With no grass clippings to dispose of and variable speed operation, these machines save you time.

From £716 + VAT

John Deere Tango E5 Series2

Ride on Mowers Walk Behind Mowers JS63 Tango E5

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